Combat. This is the major way to make a living in the Truculence universe. There are many ways to fight in Truculence. You can fight in vehicles like: Tanks, Bombers, Fighters, Dropships, Mechs, and different types of ground vehicles.

Regular CombatEdit

Most combat will occur on the ground where soldiers fight in brutal Skirmishes, or to take control of various strategic points in a Landmass match. Skirmishes are, in a nutshell, Team Deathmatch. Most players probably think that they can just run around killing everything they come into contact with. Well sorry to burst your bubbles, but you'll probably die. You see, each map will have a random spawn of traps and creatures that aren't cute, cuddly, or soft. Some traps can only be detected by certain types of equipment, and creatures won't be brought down by just one or two people. Your best bet is to travel in packs, and support one another.

Airial CombatEdit

Here is where things get fun. Combat in the air is very fast and difficult. Forcing players to make split-second decisions about how and when to act. Vehicles range from Airplanes to Dropships, and each vehicle can be customized by the owner to meet specific flight preferences, and visual specifications. If you have the initiative, you can make a devastating airial monster. Also, I was thinking of using air manipulation to sort of sway how Airial vehicles react when in flight.