Types of equipment varies from player-to-player, you've got Proximity Mines, Remote Detonators, ER's (Electronic Resuscitator), Hackkits', Tracking Devices, and other items.

Proximity Mines:Edit

These mines explode when an enemy signal is detected within the scanner's range. Some mines focus more on shocking and stunning, while others can shut down all electronic devices on the detected item. More than likely though, players will go for Proximity Mines that deal direct and splash damage. The closer the thing is to the main body of the mine, the more damage dealt when the mine explodes.

Remote Explosives:Edit

Similar to the Proximity Mines, but Remote Explosives are smaller and harder to detect. The Effects are basic, Remote explosives can use electro-magnetic explosions to shut down nearby electronics, or they can be used to destroy things.

ER (Electronic Resuscitator):Edit

These are kits containing everything needed to resusitate a fallen teammate. These are vital to the survival of any squad, as it allows players to be brought back into the game without having to completely respawn from a set destination.

Hack Kits':Edit

Hacking Kit, or Hackkit' for short. Hack kits give players an edge when assualting well defended bases and objectives, especially when there are turrets, vehicles, or spawning locations around. Because of there size, most of these kits give significant bonuses to hacking speed, and even what you can hack.

Tracking Device:Edit

Tracking Devices can be used to keep tabs on any enemy scanned by the apparatus. Thought the effect is temporary, it does give a slight edge when trying to track down snipers, and even heavy vehicles incoming to the user's postion.