Welcome to the Truculence WikiEdit

Hello, I'm Dante. I would like to explain the odd reason behind this wiki. About a year ago I decided to work on a concept for a game, but I found that I lacked enough imagination to come up with spontanious and interesting new ideas to incorporate into my game. A while ago this wiki was made to introduce a card game my friend and I had been working on, however, the idea didn't wor out as we didn't have many of the necessary materials. As such this game will have the same name, but a completely different purpose.

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Main TopicEdit

My game will be called Truculence, as the wiki suggests. And I, Dante, will explain many of the factors included. I would appreciate any ideas, or feedback you can provide. The game will center around Multiplayer battles, and most importantly, teamwork. Players will have to form a team with other players in order to survive, and when the team is created, the purpose of the team must be upheld. I plan to take FPS and RPG elements to make a game all about you and how you would act if it were your world. Players can choose between Melee weapons, Guns, Vehicles, Armors, and various other things to succeed in the field. There are several races that have distinct differences in the way they look, and options availiable when customizing equipment.