The Bottom LineEdit

  •  40 cards per deck, 5 cards can be on the field at one time. ( including any spells, traps, or skill cards.)
  • This game is unlike many in the fact that you can face up to three other people.  Turns go counter- clock wise, and turns are limited to three actions each.

Mana UsageEdit

  • Cards are cast, using a mana system.
  • ====Mana is gained by:====
    • Destroying opposing monsters.
    • Successfully defending against an attack without you monster being destroyed, controlled, or poisoned.
    • Defeating an opponent.
    • Destroying traps, and freeing another player.
    • Freeing your own monster from a trap.
    • Capturing players in your traps and/or spells.
  • ====Mana is used by:====
    • Casting a spell, trap, or skill card.
    • Having a monster destroyed.
    • Sacrificing monsters.