First StepsEdit

Many games give the option of loadout customization. But I plan to take it up a notch, allowing players to customize the armor they wear into battle. Players can customize the armor's base suit, color, armor plating, helmets, boots, and guantlets. The guantlets will be the most important aspect of the armor's control systems, as they hold the operating system suits you would use. These operating systems exist in the form of datapads built into the gauntlet chosen by the player. One can customize the layout of the guantlets by switching the side the datapad is on, what the datapad looks like, and how it works. Aside from this, shaping armor plates, changing the battlesuit's color, and accessories are all important.

Peice Types:Edit

Heavy Peice: Heavy types do what they do in every other game. They offer protection over mobility. These peices are not 'big' persay, but they are spread over a wider range of the characters body, giving more protection but taking away mobility.

Medium Peice: The perfect blend of protection and mobility, these suits give a decent protection rate while allowing you to move quickly across the battlefield. However, the unarmored places in the suit (joints), though hard to shoot, when hit they give a slight damage boost.

Slight Peice: Slight peices offer the highest mobilty range possible. The protection is low but when you're able to move in and out of sight quickly, the tables can quickly turn in your favor.


Different peice types have different parts, such as: Chest plate, Armwear, Headwear, and Legwear. Each peice can be paired with one other type. So, a player can mix-and-match Medium and Heavy peices, or even Slight and Heavy.

note: utilizing a full set of one type has beneficial effects on the user.