Close-Combat WeaponsEdit

Close-combat weapons include weapons like swords, knives, knuckles, and throwing weapons. These are customizable by the user. Different customization options are availiable to the player. Weapons change according to the playstyle of the user, changes to close-combat weapons are based around when you use them. If the player constantly uses his/her melee weapon then the weapon will hav enhancements to damage and speed, or the rate at which the blade of a throwing weapon will strike the target is increased. Knuckles gain special enhancements that are up to user to choose. Players can equip the knuckle with different things, like: Shotguns, spikes, stun-gun options, or even the option to utilize sticky grenades that will stick to whatever th user hits, then explode after a set time.

Mid-Long Range WeaponsEdit

These include guns of different sorts; like shotguns, machine uns, sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, etc. These weapons will also 'morph' according to the users preferences. So quick-fire shots will cause some guns to fire more rounds than they originally did. Or constantly reloading a gun will cause it to develop a lager capacity for ammunition per magazine, but with slightly decreased damage. For every possitive change to a weapon there are some negative effects.